Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

Jews from the former Soviet Union are taking an active role in defending the one and only Jewish state. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago, close to one million Jews and their family members have made Aliya, and have become an integral part of Israeli society. They have greatly contributed to the State of Israel and strengthened it in all areas of life. Israelis who came from the former Soviet Union have and will continue to lead Israel to new heights.

    Igor Branovan

    President, AFRJ

    Russian-speaking Jews worldwide had struggled for years to find an organization that could advance a common agenda with an emphasis on Jewish education and pro-Israel advocacy. By having greater numbers, by having greater access to media and greater budgets, we can do more in this important arena.

      Alexander Levin

      Our goal is to bring together Russian-speaking Jews from around the world in order to save ourselves and other people from the next catastrophe and genocide, to preserve the world peace, and protect our national land at the State of Israel

        Avigdor Lieberman

        Knowing those who created and support this initiative, I believe this forum will play a new major role in supporting the State of Israel and uniting Jews around the world in general and Russian-speaking Jews in particular.